Refreshing Lemon- Lyang Skin Care Set with mixing bowl kit.

Refreshing Lemon- Lyang Skin Care Set with mixing bowl kit.

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This set comes with a complete start to finish skincare regimen. 

Great for sensitive skin and your morning routine ! 

Includes :

Refreshing Lemon- Lyang foaming face wash

Lemon - Lyang exfoliating sugar scrub

Bentonite, Morrocan, Green clay powder face mask

Almond, jojoba and coconut oil face moisturizer 

It also includes mixing bowl and face mask applicator. 


    Foaming face wash benefits:

    Castile soap: plant-based, good for sensitive skin, naturally gently cleanses, safe for sensitive skin, fights against acne-prone skin, hydrating, eases eczema. 

    Lemon essential oil: Detoxifying, removes dead skin and reduces oily skin. 

    Lyang-Lyang essential oil: Reduces inflammation, irritation, and balances skin hydration. 

    *This product can be used daily. For best results, follow up with Worthy by Natures complete face regimen. If used alone, please moisturize skin after use. 

    Sugar Scrub:

    Removes dead, and flakey skin.

    Tip * Use this product to brighten your skin before applying makeup for a smooth application. 

    *Use this product up to three times weekly. 

    Clay Powder Face Mask

    Bentonite clay: Cleanses pores, Shrinks pores, Softens and smooths skin, lessens breakouts and blackheads. 

    Moroccan red clay: Evens out skin tone, soothes skin and pulls out toxins.

     French green clay: Detoxifies, firms skin, and exfoliates.

    *Use this product 2 times per week for best results. 


    Coconut oil: fights against bacteria, lessens breakouts, removes leftover makeup. 

    Almond oil: Protects against UV rays, smooths skin, heals dry or irritated skin. 

    Jojoba oil: hydrates skin, lightens dark spots, assists with premature aging. 

    *This product can be used daily. 


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