Refreshing Lemon -Lyang exfoliating sugar scrub

Refreshing Lemon -Lyang exfoliating sugar scrub

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Enjoy Worthy by Natures natural twist on Pink Lemonade. "Pink Lemon- Ylang" sugar scrub is a 100% Natural sugar scrub that was created just for you. This natural exfoliate is made up of simple ingredients for the healthiest option for removing dead skin. This product is naturally scented with Lemon essential oil to help boost concentration, uplift your mood and promote healthy skin. This natural exfoliate is also scented with sweet Ylang Ylang essential oil because of its ability to positively improve emotions and its natural ability to boost the immune system.


    Sugar Scrub:

    Removes dead, and flakey skin.

    Tip * Use this product to brighten your skin before applying makeup for a smooth application. 

    *Use this product up to three times weekly.


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