Lemon- Lylang foaming face wash

Lemon- Lylang foaming face wash

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Foaming face wash ingredients and benefits. 


Ingredients: Castile soap, Aloe vera, Lemon essential oil, Lyang lyang essential oil. 

Distilled water: 

Aloe Vera: Cools skin, and treats dry skin. 

Castile soap: Plant-based, good for sensitive skin, naturally gently cleanses, safe for sensitive skin, fights against acne-prone skin, hydrating ease eczema. 

Lemon essential oil: Detoxifying, removes dead skin and reduces oily skin. 

Lyang-Lyang essential oil: Reduces inflammation, irritation, and balances skin hydration. 

*This product can be used daily. For best results, follow up with Worthy by Natures complete face regimen. If used alone, please moisturize skin after use. 


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