DIY Candle Kit!

DIY Candle Kit!

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Hey Girlfriend! 

I know being inside is sometimes stressful and honestly we just need something to take our mind off of the outside world.  Worthy by Nature usually hosts our DIY candle parites in peoples homes and we refuse to let these circumstances stop us from being there from you! So,we decided to bring the party to your doorstep! Dont worry we will be there every step of the way! Each DIY candle kit will include step by step instructions and all of the supplies you will need from start to finish to create one 10 oz candle. I cant wait to see your creations! So put on something comfy, turn up your favorite song and let's hang out! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @ Worthybynaturellc. 

  • Each kit includes the following:

     1 Gold or Silver  rimmed candle container

     1 9oz bundle of soy/paraffin wax

     1 2oz bottle of fragrance of your choice

     1 Glass melting contianer 

     1 Candle warning label

     1 Front candle label 

     1 Wick 

     1 Wick sticker tab

     1 stir stick 



    There are no returns and or exchanges for this product.  

    The accuracy of this product is based on your ability to create the candle as instructed from the WBN candle kit instructions. 


    Please allow 5-7 business days from the day you placed your order for shipping and handeling. 


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