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Hey! Im Anjelicia. 

The owner and founder of Worthy by Nature TM.


My name is Anjelicia Spencer and I am the founder and owner of Worthy by Nature. As an aspiring psychotherapist I believe that  increasing self - care can increase self - worth which will in return increase of our self - confidence. I believe that by Increasing our self confidence we will not settle for less than what we deserve.  Growing up as a biracial child in the foster care system and in a non traditional home, I found myself struggling with knowing who I was and how to function according to my self- worth. At the age of 10 I received my first mentor and realized that I too was powerful, and was worthy of anything I desired. 10 years later I became more and more aware of my self - worth, and decided I deserved to be healthy in all areas of life. My mind understood that I deserved anything I desired, my bank account said other wise. Instead of focusing on what I didn't have I mastered the art of "speaking what is not, as though it is " (Romans 4:17). I surrounded myself with positive successful women and indulged myself in mentor programs.I was transparent with my life struggles and I quickly learned that more and more women related to my story. So, I began hosting women empowerment events and educating women on how to take care of themselves mental, and physically through natural product creations and utilizing coping skills.Today Worthy by Nature has educated over 100 women on the importance of mental health and self-care. Our mission is to promote self - care through all areas of wellness and spread the message that women do not earn their worth, we are simply born with it. We are Worthy by Nature. 

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